Inclusive person, Inclusive Corporation and Inclusive Economy

Inclusive perspective is one of the dynamics of economic and social development. Researcher Yunus Emre Sürün conducted an interview with ARGE Consulting Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors Yılmaz Argüden about inclusive person, inclusive corporation and inclusive economy. We wish you pleasant readings.


Yunus Emre Sürün: How do you define the concept of inclusiveness?

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden: Inclusiveness is to treat people to act like a human being and not to exclude anyone. Actually, there is in our culture, the basis of many religions. Let’s start with a word from Yunus Emre (Turkish poet) to say,

By the way: (The name of the questioner “Yunus Emre” and the name of the poet “Yunus Emre” in paragraph are the same name. Do not get confused.)

“You have a self-image in your own eyes,

Be sure to see others in the same guise.

Each of the four holy books clarifies.

This truth as it applies to man’s affairs.”

Well, what does it say? Answer: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. This is the basis of religions.

Inclusiveness makes decisions on any matter, while producing or marketing any product, so that it can be consulted with all segments of the society or to be appealed in part to all segments of society. There is no such thing will appeal every product to every sector. Of course, there is a target audience, but it is also inclusive to ensure that in the economy, products for each target audience are formed.

Inclusiveness is to listen to the voice of every sector in state administration; In terms of companies, it is used to mean that the companies should directly or indirectly listen to the voice of everyone and take into consideration the effects on them when making decisions.

I think it’s a very important concept of inclusiveness. Because not leaving anyone out is a very important issue for the development of society. If you pay attention already in many religions. For example, to help the poor. Because when it is not, the social balance is broken. This is valid for those in public administration, but not only for them, but also for companies. Whom you influence in every part of society, by evaluating these effects, taking decisions and listening to their voice, being in consultation, in fact, fewer errors and less risk is caused. In it is a very useful concept.

The world is now being looked at. When the private sector develops products, there is more money. However, the importance of the masses with limited money has been pointed out recently. They call it “Bottom of the pyramid,” under the pyramid. There are many more people there. You may not have huge resources per unit, but when you develop products that can address them, you can address a much larger market. When you look at today, which brands are growing faster in Turkey? If we look at clothing. The fastest growing brands in Turkey are appealing to a broader segment of society. So, brands, like Defacto, LCW. Luxury brands don’t grow that much. Because the top of the pyramid is more limited. Consequently, inclusiveness works in the interests of companies commercially.

Yunus Emre Sürün: It also gains competitive power.

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden: Of course. You’re going to scale economy. You can grow faster. So, it is very important to meet those needs if you needed.

Yunus Emre Sürün: Well, what should we do to create our inclusive people?

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden: We need to return to the philosophy and culture of Anatolia in the 12th and 13th centuries in order to create an inclusive individual. Mevlana (poet- jurist) says that: “Come again whoever you are.” We must be internalized Mevlana‘s this word. We shouldn’t exclude anyone. It’s not just people living in Turkey, furthermore we must not exclude anyone around the world. The self-discipline brought by the understanding of the “ahi-order” in the intellectual foundations of the Ottoman Empire, and the tolerance represented by Mevlana and Yunus Emre, caused the economic, social and cultural enrichment of Anatolia. Today, we have to pay attention to issues of tolerance and inclusiveness. Because diversity reduces the likelihood of mistakes and increases the potential for innovation and value creation. In fact, if we can carry our past culture to our present culture and develop today’s culture, we will contribute to the development of the world at the same time. For example, today I wanted to develop a strategy for Turkey, I try to position a country as they wish to spend a portion of their life in the world of qualified people. With this approach, Turkey develops quickly;

  1. The speed of learning of our young people who are in contact with qualified people in Anatolia
  2. The investment horizon of our business people develops
  3. Our innovation capacity increases

We have a marvelous climate. Our people are hospitable, our population is young and open to learning. Therefore, we have the potential to bring this approach to life, but we really need to change our way of thinking, our way of looking at life.

Yunus Emre Sürün: Could you tell us more about the inclusive institutions?

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden: An understanding of inclusiveness, whether we reflect this to an institution or to the individual, we come to the same point. For example, Turkish companies are becoming more inclusive as they conduct international operations. For example, Turkish companies are becoming more inclusive as they conduct international operations. When the Turkish company works with Kazakhstan, it learns the culture of the region. It sees that there can be different cultures, its perspective becomes rich. Turkish companies see success in other geographies and cultures. Therefore, when we are opening up our point of view on this issue, then our self-confidence will increase.

Secondly, what do I propose to people, especially young people? Meet people from different backgrounds with different lives, work with them and focus on producing benefits. I had the benefit of practicing this approach in the school I studied. We went to the villages on weekends when we were in middle school. How can we help? They wanted us to think, our teachers. That was my approach at school. For example, there was a foundation called “KÖY-TÜR“. Turkey was the largest poultry company. It had come into existence a social association at school. Because after graduating we have a big brother, “I’m doing it a single village, why should I do it for the whole of Turkey?” he said and then by he set up a foundation. Now, if you meet more different people and the sooner you meet in different environments, you get more inclusive perspective, whether it be working environment, volunteering or for various reasons. Because you know so many more people. Actually, you’re getting more and more spiritual and intellectual. The more people you meet, the more people can give you more perspective. The sooner we can direct people to gain experience in different environments, the more inclusive understanding arises.

In other words, there is a concept that the power comes from hardship. I went to primary school in five years, at the five different schools. My father was a civil servant, and especially when he was rising rapidly, we were moving from pillar to post, almost every year because he took a different responsibility in a different city. But I’ve met with other people in this city. I got into other environments. In one place, this diversity is beginning to bring wealth to people. Unless you can adapt, it’s hard. Unless you can adapt, it’s hard.

Yunus Emre Sürün: What we must do for our reflection to the inclusiveness on Turkey’s economy?

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden: First of all, we must perceive and internalize the diversity as richness. We do this a bit, but not enough. For example, encouraging the development of economic activities in less developed areas is an increasing element of inclusiveness. In terms of incentive. Because, an important company when becomes operational in a relatively less developed region and system of company brings and improves the work rate and its people. That is also giving a better understanding to the different segments of the company’s managers. Similarly, when some foreign companies come to the Turkey from different regions of the world that is also enriching our perspective. Because if you can live together with more diversity, then you have greater the inclusiveness. Therefore, supporting them in a mixed form rather than separating them from one another as water and oil, in fact, increases your creativity. As you know, diversity is one of the most fundamental inputs of innovation. If everyone thinks the same thing, then no more than one person. When you are together with people who think differently, you can create an innovation. Therefore, diversity in management teams is also richness, it helps to make fewer mistakes.

Yunus Emre Sürün: Thank you very much for your time.

Yılmaz Argüden: You’re welcome, may it come easy.

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