Interpretation and Meaning of The White Ship

Important Note ! : Firstly, please read the article after finishing the “The White Steamship” book.

Part 1: The boy was abandoned by him mother and father at young ages. Him mother was started a new life in the other city. The boy believes him father is the captain of White ship and he believes one day his head might turn into a fish head and he swim like a fish thereby to the White ship. He was dreaming that would talk with him father.

Part 1 [Interpretation & Meaning] : This boy want to reach him father. But it is impossible under the very hard condition. So he is creating a dream in him brain. As you know, sometime we can not reach what we want right now! But we always wait and try to be patient to come true. Actually in this point, we try to hold on to life for what we want to coming true. And this shows us to be conscious of why we exist in our lives and our strong attitude towards the life.

Part 2: In the meantime, when Seydahmed was describing the events, the child could not make sense of what was told Seydahmed: After removing the tug, Seydahmet and Mümin Grandpa went to the forest to work. In the meantime, they see the red deer again. Seydahmet wants to hit them, and Grandfather goes against it. Seydahmet does not listen to Grandfather and he was pursuing of red deer. The Grandpa was walking from behind his too. Seydahmet would shoot the red deer, but he could not aim at. Because he was drunk. After, he gave the rifle to the grandfather and he tells to want shoot the red deer, and if grandpa does not shoot, he would trick to grandfather by telling him that Orozkul would not forgive the grandfather. Grandpa, on the other hand, was thinking that if he shoots the red deer grudgingly, Orozkul would forgive him and that everything would be all right.

Part 2 [Interpretation & Meaning] : There is a belief underlying beautiful things that we believed and that we have seen valuable. There is a sincerity and love. Sometimes this relationship can be broken in difficult times. This value that we thought to in our mind, this is a symptom that we believed that it will not bring us closer to the bad end. Mümin Grandpa’s desperation is obvious here. But if Mümin grandpa hadn’t limited his self-esteem and had not discouraged him, he might have shot Seydahmet and Orozkul with a weapon and put an end to this torture. But he had accepted despair. Mümin Grandpa, together with his grandson, he could have had a happier and more free life.

Part 3 : When the child hears them, he becomes mad and runs away. He finds his Mümin Grandfather. He was lying on the ground with dusty and grimly covered. He calls out to him a couple of times, but Grandpa never hears it again. Grandpa is still not aware of his self mistake. When the child couldn’t get a reaction from his grandfather, he thinks that he will arrive to his father like a fish man and throws himself into the river. The river will take the child carry away rapidly, but the child will never be a fish.

Part 3 [Interpretation & Meaning] : Behind every pain, we must first look for the error within ourselves. When we correct this situation, happiness will come to us with its feet.

Take Lesson From the Book:

We should not try to crush them when people was in powerless or tolerant and for the sake of small interests, we must not harm the nature. Because if we behave in the right manners, we will witness the new births on the faces and souls of the all people.

Hardcover: 160 pages

Name of the Book: “The white ship”

Author : Chingiz Aitmatov


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